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Benefits of a Design-Build Contractor…

By using only the best skilled local contractors and top grade materials, we at Robbins Contracting have created a standard of quality that sets us apart from our competition in this rapidly changing construction industry.  For over 40 years now, we have provided a complete level of general contracting services at a personal level of detail.

In addition to this, Robbins Contracting has also created prestigious architectural designs in the custom home industry in Northern Colorado.  Rising from a family full of creative and artistic roots, Tyler prides himself in creating functional and appealing homes that capture everything that makes Colorado living magnificent.  Combined with an engineering background and a teacher with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Tyler has become one of the premier architects in Northern Colorado.  Click here to see our portfolio.

At Robbins Contracting, we value our ability to design your house as a key competitive advantage over our competitors in the industry. We believe that having the ability to do “in-house” architecture is beneficial to both you, the customer, and us, the contractor. Here are some reasons why this aspect is so beneficial.

1. Efficiency: As the number of outside parties involved in the building process go up, the time it takes to communicate with all of these parties involved goes up as well. It is common sense that the easier it is to communicate with the different trades and parties involved in the construction process, the more efficient the process will be. The designer has a lot of involvement throughout the duration of the project, especially at the beginning. Given that there is always a delay in communication between the homeowner, the builder, the engineer, and the architect in any project, by combing those roles you begin to maximize your efficiency. At Robbins Contracting, we are the builder, the architect, and even the engineer on many projects.  This can help save valuable time in the design and construction of a house.

2. Cost: Design fees become a large part of the price of a custom home. Aside from the initial design fee, there are many additional costs as the project begins. For example, change orders that refer back to a third party designer in many circumstances cost extra. Therefore, any change in the design of the home during construction begin to add up quickly. For anyone who has ever built a home before, it is easy to understand that a design change during the construction of the home is not unheard of!  The goal is to build you your dream home with the features you want.  We understand this, that’s why we don’t charge extra design fees for changes along the way.

3. Motivation: At Robbins Contracting, our motivation is to build you your dream house, not just design it. Our service doesn’t end when we hand you the piece of paper with the design on it, it begins at that point. We are custom home builders that pride ourselves in the personal relationship that we develop with our customers, therefore we are invested in you throughout the entire project, not just any one scope of it.

Here is an example of a finished home and a conceptual picture for a house that we designed.

 Front Elevation 8.4.2014IMGP4605