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Building A Safe Room…


For most of us, having our own personal safe room doesn’t sound like a practical room to have in our home.  We assume it’s a crazy infrastructure that only banks and billionaires can afford, right?  Well, as it turns out there is a pretty efficient way to accomplish this fireproof tornado shelter without breaking the bank… pardon the pun.

When you build the front porch, you need at least a 30 inch foundation wall to place the concrete porch within to prevent drastic movement of the slab due to our highly anxious Colorado soil that can’t seam to sit still.  When planning for this wall, more often than not it becomes easier to do a full excavation through the front porch and place a full height foundation wall rather than a small 30 inch foundation wall.  At this point, your a steel door and a concrete floor away from a 6-sided concrete safe room.  The additional costs become logistically reasonable when you consider the end product, which is why we do a lot of them!