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Creating An Indoor Waterfall…

It is safe to say that any builder’s eyebrows will raise a little when you tell them you would like to have an indoor waterfall inside your home.  That’s because the first thing that comes to mind when you mention an indoor waterfall is the potential mess that could be made by allowing water to run free inside your fully furnished living room.

Well we attempted the impossible: create a two-tier waterfall that runs freely down six different screens into two different pools, all which needs to be adequately waterproofed to prevent about 100 gallons of water from escaping at any given time into the non-waterproofed personal surroundings that make up the rest of the home.  Challenge accepted.  And while we ran into a few speed bumps, with a little brainstorming and trial and error methodology we succeeded.

Our biggest obstacle?  Surprisingly enough, the toughest thing to consider in this project was how to get the water onto the screens uniformly and consistently.  We had a lot of half-covered screens and rogue dripping that took some creativity to overcome, but with a few tricks we were able to manipulate the screens to behave like we wanted them to.

Check out these videos to see our initial vision, execution strategy, and of course some funny hardships we encountered along the way.