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Framing Secrets, Shh!…

It’s no secret, framing is a skill that takes practice and experience.  Good framers are hard to find, and the biggest reason why is not necessarily tied to their ability to swing a hammer.  Nope, instead, good framers possess a knack for seeing the unseen.  Looking ahead and anticipating the way details need to be executed now.


In fact, it’s not so much learning the secrets of framing as it is learning the process and intricacies of how a house goes together.  Now, of course a good craftsman of any kind will need to be straight, plumb, and square, along with precise, accurate, and consistent.  But perhaps just as important is his ability to foresee a short cut every once in a while.  After all, time is money!  And doing things twice never saves you time – or money.  Measure twice, cut once.