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Hillside Design

Outdoor Day 8.27.15This project was a design project for a home to be built in Castle Rock, Colorado.  The lot was a hillside lot with several feet of elevation climb.  The beautiful mountain views of Castle Rock were towards the front of the lot, therefore the goal of the design was to create a room layout that incorporates the mountain views towards the front of the home in as many rooms as possible while keepingOutdoor Night 8.26.15 the home functional.  A major priority of the homeowners was to make the entrance into the home have as few steps to climb as possible.  To accomplish this, dual garages and a wrap around driveway were utilized along with retaining walls to allow for the elevation climb of the lot to be done by a vehicle instead of by the members of the family.  The home also features a 2nd story lookout that overlooks the incredible views to the south and west.