Placing Flatwork in the Heat

Although placing concrete slabs in the blazing hot weather is not near as bad as placing it in the bitter cold, there are still special considerations that you have to pay attention to.  To start, when concrete cures it uses water to crystallize the cement particles which produces heat.  An especially unfortunate fact considering you’re already dripping sweat in 100 degree weather!  Anyway, when it’s hot outside, this process speeds up and the concrete essentially cures too fast. Imagine cooking a burger on a grill that’s too hot, doesn’t allow the inside to cook!  To avoid this, liquid retardants can be sprayed on the top of the slab to slow this process down.

There’s different techniques in placing concrete depending on the time of year – and temperature – when you place the concrete. No matter how you place it, though, you need the right quantity…



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