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Colorado is such a great place to live!  The mountain views and sunny weather is unbeatable, however, even in beautiful Colorado we unfortunately have to be aware of potential pitfalls when buying land.  Expansive soils, flood plains, high bedrock, fire danger, and high water tables are just a few considerations that can make buying land in Northern Colorado a scary endeavor.

We’ve seen just about every situation here in Northern Colorado, and we know what to look for when buying land.  As a licensed real estate broker, we can help you find a great lot and we have the means to help you identify these things before you purchase it.

With our assistance throughout the contract process, you won’t need to worry about getting into something that you’re unsure of.  Stick with us and we’ll make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from the very beginning of your journey all the way to the end.


Not only can we help you into a new home, but we can also help you out of your current one!  Our goal is to help you be stress free throughout the ENTIRE process, which includes selling your current home.

We surround you with the best team in Northern Colorado throughout the entire process, and selling your current home is no exception.  That’s why we’ve partnered up with Hub Real Estate. We’ll surround you with their incredible team of selling experts to execute the sale of your home with seamless precision.

As a licensed associate with Hub Real Estate, we can save you a lot of money by helping you sell your home.  As your design builder and realtor, we can structure agreements that simplify the process and save you money.  With fewer people involved in the process, there is more money to save.