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Design Build…

The Design:

At Robbins Contracting, we have not only mastered the efficiency of being a design-build contractor, but we continue to raise the bar in the industry through our exceptional architecture.

Our designs are the proud result of the balanced mixture between an analytical engineering background and an artistic passion for architecture.  Combine that with over 40 years of experience in building in Northern Colorado, and you get home designs that capture the essence of what it is to live in Colorado.  Our designs are efficient yet creative, functional yet aesthetic, and cutting edge yet affordable.  Above all else, our designs are custom tailored to you, our customer.

We have always worked with the custom design aspect of construction and have encompassed design into our services.  Now the use of computers has enhanced this service immensely.  Not only can we design your perfect home, but now we have the tools to show you what it will look like long before we ever start building.  By incorporating a state of the art residential design program, we have opened new doors within the industry’s costumer relationship department.  We are excited to utilize this software to help clients watch their dream unfold before their eyes with amazing 3D images and extremely efficient interior modification tools.  As the client, you will be able to toggle through different finishes and features with us at the click of a mouse.  From anything to paint colors to trim profiles to cabinet details, you can literally see the entire house before construction ever begins.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to click on a link to see more 3D photos.

Front Elevation - Plan 7.31.15

 The Build:

With over 40 years in the business, Robbins Contracting will create a fun, exciting, personal, and knowledgeable experience with you while building your new home.  We understand this is one of the biggest family decisions you will make, so we strive to make the construction phase as stress-free as possible.  In order to achieve this, we utilize a cloud-based online management program that provides you with up to the minute budget updates, an online selection system, uploaded progress pictures, weekly emailed updates, and much more.  Along with this management tool, we take time to capture and document this incredible journey of building your dream home with you along the way.  We put these pictures and memories into a scrapbook that you’ll be able to keep and cherish forever.  We’re here to make this experience fun!

We believe that a good builder is defined both by their ability to avoid issues on the jobsite as well as by their ability to quickly and efficiently remedy issues when they do come up.  We have the experience to both avoid the foreseen problems and handle the unforeseen ones.  You can trust us with your custom dream home.Image of Custom Home Design by Robbins Contracting of Loveland, Colorado

Click on the picture below to see more computer rendered pictures!

Front Elevation 7.30.14