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Why Choose Us? Custom Home Builder – Colorado


At Robbins Contracting we are simply different. In a region saturated with many custom home builders,
we stand alone as the only complete Design-Build custom home builder of Northern Colorado. What
this means is that our process is a little different than other builders. We aim at being more efficient
and saving you money through utilizing an in-house design team to design your home with you.
Because of this, all of the key aspects of your project are integrated within a single team — from the
design to the build to the move. This approach eliminates inefficiencies along with finger pointing that
can arise when working with an architect and ensures the vision you started with equals the home you
ended up with — your vision stays perfectly intact, down to the smallest detail. The Northern Colorado
Home Builder’s Association recognizes the advantages of this new and revolutionary approach to
custom home building and awarded us with the Custom Home Builder of the Year Award.






In addition to this revolutionary concept, we operate under the value that my father, Denny, put in place
when he started the business in 1975 that “This world is all about relationships.” To this end, we at
Robbins Contracting have committed our entire system and process towards creating a fun and
trustworthy experience for our customers.  From personal meetings onsite with us to working with your
own personal interior designer and client liaison throughout your project, we are, and always will be,
Building Made Personal.

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